Monday, February 8, 2010

Been away from the blog awhile but a little more time in the clay. Show season is coming and still alot of pots to be made. It has been a blast being a dad though. Rocket is a cool kid a forming aan awsome personality before our eyes. Not sure if he's gonna have the red hair like his momma but damn sure he'll have more hair than his daddy. I have no idea where i'm going yet with my pots. So much of the potter thats in me gets confused with the wannabe sculptor in me. I'm havin fun though and keepin the family wheel strong. Here are a couple pics of things goin on round here. Thought I'd reupdate the spring/summer show and workshop scedule for those of you checkin in on me. For me this is a pretty full one. I can't wait to get on the road again and see people and sell pots. I hope I see alot of you down the road. Workshop@John C Campbell folk school (March 28-apr 3 2010)"Soft Pots" 4Bridges art fair(April17-18 2010)Chattanooga, TN, Magic City Art Connection(Apr23-25 2010)Birmingham, AL, TACA(may1-2 2010)Nashville ,TN, Weekend workshop@Mighty Mud clay center, (May22-23 2010)Knoxville,TN, mailto:WeekendWorkshop@Arkanasas Craft School, 2010)Mountain View, AR, Columbus Art Festival(June4-6 2010) columbus OH, Weekend workshop@CoreClay (Aug7-8)Cinncinati,OH. I can't forget I will be having a throw down for my sons 1st Birthday(July15th 2010). Take care
Shadow May