Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've been working and playing in the studio with ideas this summer. Trying to balance out the pottery with the more sculptural, or just trying to blend the two. Being taught from potters and being a potter for awhile now and thinking like an artist has been a difficult blend as well. I can't seem to shake the idea of making nothing round. But the public likes round cause its a comfortable shape. The wheel now has become a means to get a shape or an idea rather than a production tool. It's funny to think it plays no more of a role than the rib or tool i use on a daily basis. Our fall is quickly filling up with shows and hopefully some workshops in between. I take work to the southern highlands guild object jury in august. I'm excited for the possibilities but we'll see. My son Rocket turns 1 year old today. He slept in today till 7;30 which is a rarity due to teething heavily so that was nice. He got his favorite breakfast, strawberries and bananas. That little boy has really changed my oulook on life, pots, everything. I think one of the most awsome gifts of having him is being able to see innocence again. It's helped me see my work differently and my approach to it, my reactions to things, to people. It's humbling and exciting. Our T.V. went out on us last nite. Makes me wonder if I want one for awhile. hmmmmmm. I also think I solved my s craking problem since the new change to the bottom of my cups and mugs. I should be updating my events page on my website soon so stay tuned