Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 new work

Warm morning out in the studio today. The smell of the clay musk was reall nice. Made me think of my first apprenticeship out of highschool and how far I've come with this clay thing. I've definetley simplified alot in my life and complicated a few things but thats how it goes. My lil family is kickin butt. We will be celebrating ten years of doin juried fine art shows on the road this year. Where has it gone? A fine little boy has entered our lives as well as a new house for us all to grow into and together. I am very thankful for being able to walk outside to the shop and work. It's allowed me to be a good dad to my boy, good husband and friend to my wife and keep our house from getting to carried away with the crazy schedule a family has to have in todays economic faster than hell rat race. I set up My show at SAS Gallery "Eat, Sleep, Clay" in Sewannee,TN I will have the reception march 24 and teaching two 90 min highschool classes as well as a sat adult workshop. I am very thankful for the opportunity. Also I will have a show at Mudfire in Decatur, georgia march 12 -april 16th. Look for a show called Firedworks in Macon Georgia. I have a few pieces in that as well. I kick off my show season with 4 bridges here at home in Chattanooga TN. I will give my " Bold Pots" workshop at Tn Tech may 21-22. theres alot more and will be on my events page @ Alot is happening with this clay thing. i will do the SHCG shows in july and oct. I am really excited to represent and show all those NC potters what Tn has to offer. Here are some new work pics of whats brewing and whats to come.