Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Finally gettin the chance to blog again after crazy holidays. Alot has happened in a month or since my last blog. Preperation for Christmas was alot of fun except for the procrastinator drive to the mall two days before christmas. The funny things you do for loved ones. Our boy Rocket made out. His second Christmas in this world and the one to remember. He lucked out having a white Christmas. What a cool thing for a kid...hell anyone to see, especially waking up to it on Christmas morning. We had all our food and drink for the weekend. All the toys were about to be wrapped. Good stuff. Christmas enters the picture in a whole new way when you have a child. Rocket is religous about getting up at 5 am so I knew it to be true for Christmas morning. Coffee was prepped with the baileys(Santa left it) right next to the coffee pot. Mugs out and ready for the early morn. We woke up to daddda.....maammmma. Turned on the coffee, Christmas lights, and watched innocence in its true form. I sware the boy is a truck fanatic. All kinds of trucks. He strutted around in his new camoflauge robe and kermit slippers laughin and playin. It was awsome!! Usually this time Ana and I are really stressin about Jan and Feb. Comin off Chritmas with two more months before our show season starts up again is stressful. We had an awsome fall season. My work is rapidly evolving. So much it gets a little scary. One idea just turns to another and another. Watching Rocket play with his new toys and experience his Christmas made me take a seat and be thankful for what is in front of me. I think rockets curiosity to start exploring and growing is rubbing off on my attitude towards my work. Learning how to tap into the courage to explore my own curiosity has stretched me as an artist. I' wont lie, its taken me out of the comfort zone a little. But more than ever because of watching my son grow, my courage to be curious about my work in clay and explore even more has transformed my whole outlook. What it means to be a potter and an artist. Theres alot more to this last month than im puttin in to this blog, but it was all good. Everyones healthy except for the occasional runny nose. Have been lining workshops for the new year and lots of cool shows. Get to go to New York City for one and really excited about that. I still have pots for sale on my website and will have most to all events and workshops up to date on the website as well. Thanks to everyone who helped us through this past year. You've catapulted my little family, my work and need to create. we can't do it without you. Another blog coming soon.