Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween

We carved pumpkins last nite. This is our first carvin at our new house in our new neighborhood. mixed glazes also. Real close to seeing new work come out. Hoping for a strong finish to the year with shows. I'm lookin forward to pottersfest. Get to see some good friends and fire a wood kiln. Me and Rocket are hangin out this smornin and watchin a movie. I get to work in the studio all weekend so hopefully alot will get done. I've really been gettin into this new jar form and especially the handles. thats where its at. check out my cool guy shades man.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

firing the kiln the smorning, even though its a electric kiln, its so damn big it fires like a gas kiln, always having to adjust the zone controls to get even heat. Got some new work coming out for the wncpottersfest, I'm starting to see my transition from potter to sculptor happen which is pretty cool. I hope my customers still follow me. anyway my son rocket is waking up, write more later

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Not much happenin on this mon. Little Rocket is asleep and I'm playing catchup with chores before I get into the studio. Saw my dad and brother this weekend. My brother is going back to hawaii to live and hopefully start a little bit of his life over. I wish him luck and hope he finds what he's lookin for. My dad is doing good livin by norris lake in TN. Ana and i were glad that him and rocket got to hang out. It's rainy out and I'm finishing up some mom I am.

making new work

Hey everyone, Today I finally get into the studio to make new work. I've caught myself up with house stuff from being on the road with shows. I made a nice fish chowder last nite and shared with some friends. My son Rocket is happy and laying down right now. He falls asleep if we take a bath and a bottle. my most productive hours in the day. I've been updating my face book page(Shadow May Pottery), also twittering as much as I can (Shadow_May). I'm still trying to update my website I'm slowly getting better on the computer because I am fulltime daddy till mama gets home. usually dinner is ready and I can go work in the studio. It's taking some getting use to working at nite, especially after a full day of daddy mode. I feel more productive when I see daylight out but these are the adjustments that we take for our children. I wouldnt turn back even if I could. I came to the conclusion yesterday that I'm not afraid of the world anymore. daily struggles like bills and uncerintintys of just daily living will never go away. This really is a huge breakthrough because most of our struggles seem to take over and leave no room for growth or laughin or loving. Bills and mortgage and struggles will always be there. Thats what brings me the growth I need to be a productive artist, loving father and husband as well as a reliable neighbor and good friend. I guess not being afraid of the world just means that there's always gonna be a new day. A new chance to work and enjoy the gifts we get in life. I'm gonna keep on creating and soakin it up, please do the same.

a lot has happened

Been awhile since i've blogged but here it goes. I just got back from doing the pink palace craft show in memphis. Really ggod show again but lost sunday to rain. We have recently bought a house in redbank Tn, a suburb of Chattanooga. I have my studio at home again. For those I lost touch with we had a studio fire about 2 years ago losing everything that sustained me as an artist.
studio fire

We had so much help from friends and family and those who have followed me and purchased my pots. We could not have started over without the help of everyone. I have been hard at it doin shows throughout the u.s. Recently recieved a best in clay award at atlanta arts fest which really gave me an extra boost to push out new work.
102 1894

My wife and I had our first child, A baby boy. We named him Benjamin Rocket May.
102 2421

He is 2 1/2 months old and keeping us up at those crucial sleeping hours but we love him to death and have adjusted for the most part. I'm getting readuy to do the potters fest in dillsboro,NC, oct 31 and then the foothills craft show in Knoxville TN(nov13-15). Making lots of new work. You can find me on Facebook(shadow may or shadowmay pottery, as well as twitter, I was a recipient in the strictly functional pottery national in lancaster PA which was pretty cool.

and had a article published in the signal mtn mirror in chattanooga tn

First Festival down, lots more to go.....

Well, got our first show out of the way--Toney and I. Had a couple relly weird experiences. The weather was gorgeous, but very dusty. I had Toney make a deposit on Saturday afternoon. Things went haywire and envelopes went in the wrong slots, but everything turned out fine on Tuesday Mornin'---a long time to wait to fix your mistake. To top it off, we broke ~ $700 worth of bowls and had a couple strong conversations with the customers. Despite all the trouble, Toney and I had the best festival to date over the past two years I've been in business. Had a great Sunday to finish off the four day show and then we were headed off to Mississippi to see mama Sue and Roland--Toney's soon-to-be boy.
Listen, we're on this festival, working men, working potters, travelling, tryring to do the circuit. I do think that you have to have quite a but of nerve andcourage mixed with crazy to be able to take what comes from your hands and heart and sell it.
So, now we're in Gulf Shores, AL and we've set up for the National Shrimp Festival ( a four day show). We've let our hair down a little bit and I asked my beautiful, lovely red-headed Ana to marry me. I'm floatin' around on cloud nine here on the beach. Once we get this festival out of the way, we have eight more. The road has been really good to us, and I really think that this would be a great documentary on life as a crafter/ artist. We've been drinking Toney's famous Pina colodas for the past couple a days. Had some good seafood, made some good love and enjoyed some good company. So here's my thought of the day:
If you see a man walking down the interstate, do you automatically think he's homeless?

Less Than a Week 'til the Road Trip

Well, with less than a week 'til my best friend and I venture out to sell our wares on the road, I'm still managing to gather all the small things that I need---oil change for the truck, cut business cards, sand pots, load and unload three more kilns, rewire the trailer. These are the things that I'm finding I'd eliminate If I were a wholesale potter vs. the trade off traveling on the road and meeting new people. Over the past year this has been my dilemma of how to make a living as a potter. The excitement of going from state to state has made it pretty easy at times to handle the monotonous chores. Although I work out of my home with my business, I don't know if I'd want to be home all of the time, never getting out. So, I'm beginning to do both--wholesale and retail on the road. Don't get me wrong, the life of a potter exceeds the 40 hour work week that most of us live, but being able to have my cup of coffee or a nice shot of Bourbon at any time I want is definitely better than having someone else telling me what to do. My first show is in Memphis, Tennessee--Pink Palace Fine Arts and Crafts Show. Nine shows later I end my fall stretch with a three day holiday market in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For some reason, I really enjoy that three-in-the-morning pit stop at the gas station for bad coffee and expensive gas daydreaming about the many pots I might sell.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

electricty in the studio

My good friend John Hart came to town today and helped me wire my studio with more power and outlets and lights. We had a good workday and ended it with steak and beer and a good visit. I'm so full and tired though, so goodnite.