Tuesday, October 27, 2009

making new work

Hey everyone, Today I finally get into the studio to make new work. I've caught myself up with house stuff from being on the road with shows. I made a nice fish chowder last nite and shared with some friends. My son Rocket is happy and laying down right now. He falls asleep if we take a bath and a bottle. my most productive hours in the day. I've been updating my face book page(Shadow May Pottery), also twittering as much as I can (Shadow_May). I'm still trying to update my website www.shadowpottery.com I'm slowly getting better on the computer because I am fulltime daddy till mama gets home. usually dinner is ready and I can go work in the studio. It's taking some getting use to working at nite, especially after a full day of daddy mode. I feel more productive when I see daylight out but these are the adjustments that we take for our children. I wouldnt turn back even if I could. I came to the conclusion yesterday that I'm not afraid of the world anymore. daily struggles like bills and uncerintintys of just daily living will never go away. This really is a huge breakthrough because most of our struggles seem to take over and leave no room for growth or laughin or loving. Bills and mortgage and struggles will always be there. Thats what brings me the growth I need to be a productive artist, loving father and husband as well as a reliable neighbor and good friend. I guess not being afraid of the world just means that there's always gonna be a new day. A new chance to work and enjoy the gifts we get in life. I'm gonna keep on creating and soakin it up, please do the same.

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