Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So far a good show season. Just got back from Pink palace craft fair in Memphis and had epic "one of kind" show pieces sell. In the past I've sold more mugs , cups, bowls and a few show pieces. The other way around this time in Memphis. Was able to put new brakes on both our vehicles, get clay to make more work, and take mama out to eat and see some good music. I have two more shows, "The Potters Festival" in Dillsboro, North Carolina. The clay Olympics for the festival are held on Fri, the day before the show. Its a fun time and you'll definetely see me collapsing some pots or throwin them at my friend chris. The other one is " Festival Of The Masters" in Orlando, Florida. I've left Dec. open for a possible home show and to make more work for possible galleries. I was recently accepted into the Southern Highlands Guild which will be another great avenue for my work.To be Honest I am really just trying to keep up and stay afloat. I can B.S. all day long on a blog but real life is always there when I wake up and all I wanna do is just be with my family. Doin these shows and selling your art is a lucrative buisness. The sky is the limit if you are willing to stick your neck out there and accept rejection along with the glory and recognition. I am probably just babbling and need to go to bed. On another note the restaurant is goin well. I have have been splittin my time with cookin and makin pots and have intertwined them both to the point where I now need them both. My love for cooking has been a good thing to fall back on in times of need. Never know what where life will take or what you might be doin. My little boy Rocket is the joy of my life and I never thought i would say that but he is. He is running and climbing which scares the hell out of me but his personality is comin out everyday. Right now doin the shows circuit is allowing me to spend more time with him and Ana. a good show can take care of alot along with a workshop and a little wholesale. Enough for now. I have flipped bowls ready to trim and spending time with my bro while he's in town. Nigh Nigh