Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watching and learning these past months. I've been 4 days a week cookin fine southern food for some friends at their restaurant " The Urban Spoon" for supplemental money. I might be hittin a wall with the shows. I've always loved cookin so it was a moderate to difficult transition pullin a little bit of my time away from the clay. I've been so full time with my work in the studio prepping for this show or sending off this wholesale that I never have had the opportunity to concentrate on a true body of work. Shufflin my time between the restaurant and the studio has really made me look and evaluate my work, even more so then when I was submerged in it 6 -7 days a week. Although my fall is packed full and somehow I've managed to get out some strong pieces that have been evolving for the past year. The pressure of makin money at your the expense of your craft, carreer can definetley stifle your growth if you let it. I'm not gonna lie....the side job has freed up some time for me to focus on some exhibitions that I've been wanting to do as well as dive into giving as many workshops as I can. It will hopefully allow me to cherry pick a couple key shows through the year to stay in the circuit. I will be at the atlanta arts festival sept.18-19,TACA fall festival in Nashville sept.24-26, I will host my "Bold Pots" workshop at the applachian center for arts in Norris TN Oct 2-3, Pink Palace Craft Fair in Memphis, TN Oct7-10 Give a workshop at Eppletreepottery in Chattanooga,TN I will have a show at Columbia State Community College the month of Nov. in the gallery Ilook forward to the wnc potters festival Nov.6 in dillsboro NC. I turned down the By Hand artisian guild show in cleveland Ohio because we got into hopefully a really cool show. The festival of the masters at disney world. Nov12-13. We havent accepted the invitation but thought it would be a fun family trip with the boy and all. I will be submitting special pieces to some exhibitions as well and if I have enough pots I will have a studio/home sale in dec. I also have been asked to give a weekend workshop at the appalachian center for craft in smithville Tn May 21-22 2011. Pretty excited about that. I will be posting this schedule and updates on my website events page Alot going on and not enough sleep or time in the day. During this busy fall I will stay on at the restaurant to keep the paycheck comin with hopefully some good show/workshop money to stack on top of it. My little boy Rocket has started to walk. It's on now. His beginner walk reminds me of clyde the arangitang with clint eastwoods any which way but loose. Alot of times I can't see one step in front of me with all thats going on but I got a great family worth workin my ass off for.