Monday, May 24, 2010

Just got back from Mighty mud studios in Knoxville. This was the third workshop this year and it was a good one. My students were stoked on clay and very responsive to new ideas and my philosophy of lettin it all ride when it comes to creating and selling your work. I demonstrated some of my stacackable items as well as pullin handles. Of course I had to throw a little philosophy in there with the clay and talk about the lifestyle that we potters and clay artists choose to live. "Break the rules" I said. Clay can have so many possibilities if you lend yourself to abstract and out of the box thinking and then apply that to clay. We talked about school vs self taught and the advantages of both as well as doin juried shows and what all that entails. How to deal with those who say" that looks like alot of work" or just how to ignore them all together. I've really grown to love giving workshops and talking with students. I learn so much from their ideas and walks of life. I leave fri morning to give another one at The Arkanasas craft school and I can't wait. Then the following weekend I will be at Colombus art festival in Ohio. Alot of traveling but I love it aside from being away from the family. Theres those who do what they gotta do to make the bills paid and then theres those who make it happen and live doin what they love to do. I'm about right there in the middle. My fall is almost lined up with more wrkshops and shows and I will update on my website soon The garden is growing like crazy. My potatoes are almost ready and we're eating greens and spinach practically every nite. What is it with potters and gardening? It's like they're linked together.