Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back home from being an artist on the road

I am finally home with my family. Five consecutive weekends of giving workshops and fine art shows. What a great summer its been already. I visited Mountain View Arkansas and gave one of my "soft pots" workshop at the Arkanasas Craft School. Thank you you to everyone who attended the workshop. I wouldn't be there if it wasnt for you. Terri Van Orman, The director of the school was awsome. When I got to the school she explained to me that I was the first clay workshop at the school. Terri had wrote grants and recived funding for the school and brand new wheels were being opened as I walked in for the first time. To even sweeten the deal I was able to cristen the first wheel ever opened at the school. Pretty cool! I really had some talented students attend. David and Becki Dahlstedt attended who are very accomplished potters and artists. They opened there home to the class sat nite for a party. Very inspiring couple. The workshop got on the way sat morn and I introduced myself and got right into it. The split jar was demontrated as well as hollow lip bowls, throwuing out a slab vs the slab roller, and last but not least demoing the handle pull and handle placement on the mug. We talked philosophy and life throughout the day. I was persistent in my philosophy of living life full of trials and triumphs makes the pots we are today. Letting it ride when you are making and selling your work. We are already crazy for even attempting to make and sell art we might as well indulge in what we want to make rather than something that "just sells!" "Break the rules" I would mention from time to time and my creedo " NO BLENDING!" Any handle attachment or spout or anything do not blend lines. I was trying to equate this to showing your work in grade school. I wanted them to expose there applications, there score marks. Reveal the inperfections and let them take front stage. Mountain view is about 9 hrs away from here in Chattanooga. The drive was pretty once I got past West Memphis. I left Mon morning and got home to load a kiln. Turned around thurs to drive to Columbus Ohio to attend the columbus art festival. Got a half a day of rain but turned out a good show. I am trying to invest more into my city of Chattanooga but its a slow process. Having to travel so much can be nice but will eventually come to a halt someday. As my baby boy gets bigger I am realizing how short time is and I dont want to miss out. Here are some pics of the Arkansas workshop. I will give one more this summer. Coreclay in Cinncinatti Ohio has invited me and I'm excited to be there. I get a cuople months at home to make new work, pick veggies from the garden and be with my family and friends. My fall is quickly filling up so better get to it. Check out more of Shadow@www.shadowpttery.com Take care