Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a lot has happened

Been awhile since i've blogged but here it goes. I just got back from doing the pink palace craft show in memphis. Really ggod show again but lost sunday to rain. We have recently bought a house in redbank Tn, a suburb of Chattanooga. I have my studio at home again. For those I lost touch with we had a studio fire about 2 years ago losing everything that sustained me as an artist.
studio fire

We had so much help from friends and family and those who have followed me and purchased my pots. We could not have started over without the help of everyone. I have been hard at it doin shows throughout the u.s. Recently recieved a best in clay award at atlanta arts fest which really gave me an extra boost to push out new work.
102 1894

My wife and I had our first child, A baby boy. We named him Benjamin Rocket May.
102 2421

He is 2 1/2 months old and keeping us up at those crucial sleeping hours but we love him to death and have adjusted for the most part. I'm getting readuy to do the potters fest in dillsboro,NC, oct 31 and then the foothills craft show in Knoxville TN(nov13-15). Making lots of new work. You can find me on Facebook(shadow may or shadowmay pottery, as well as twitter,www.shadowpottery.com. I was a recipient in the strictly functional pottery national in lancaster PA which was pretty cool.

and had a article published in the signal mtn mirror in chattanooga tn

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