Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Festival down, lots more to go.....

Well, got our first show out of the way--Toney and I. Had a couple relly weird experiences. The weather was gorgeous, but very dusty. I had Toney make a deposit on Saturday afternoon. Things went haywire and envelopes went in the wrong slots, but everything turned out fine on Tuesday Mornin'---a long time to wait to fix your mistake. To top it off, we broke ~ $700 worth of bowls and had a couple strong conversations with the customers. Despite all the trouble, Toney and I had the best festival to date over the past two years I've been in business. Had a great Sunday to finish off the four day show and then we were headed off to Mississippi to see mama Sue and Roland--Toney's soon-to-be boy.
Listen, we're on this festival, working men, working potters, travelling, tryring to do the circuit. I do think that you have to have quite a but of nerve andcourage mixed with crazy to be able to take what comes from your hands and heart and sell it.
So, now we're in Gulf Shores, AL and we've set up for the National Shrimp Festival ( a four day show). We've let our hair down a little bit and I asked my beautiful, lovely red-headed Ana to marry me. I'm floatin' around on cloud nine here on the beach. Once we get this festival out of the way, we have eight more. The road has been really good to us, and I really think that this would be a great documentary on life as a crafter/ artist. We've been drinking Toney's famous Pina colodas for the past couple a days. Had some good seafood, made some good love and enjoyed some good company. So here's my thought of the day:
If you see a man walking down the interstate, do you automatically think he's homeless?

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