Monday, November 23, 2009

I hung out with my son and mama today. So many tasks that are essential just to keep the day running that you find yourself really missin those times with the family. My wife and I are learning everyday the simple ways that keep us grounded. Rocket has been alot of fun. He's so addictive that he easily trumps my time to create for myself. Ana has been a trooper at work. She probably has the hardest job which is having to be away from her son for a majority of the day. It's all about adaptation. I use to work in the studio from 7-5 or 6. Now it's 6-1 in the morn. We have one more show in sewannnee tn before the end of the show season. I'm almost done making my packet to send off for workshop instructor positions. That has been a process. I love doing shows and selling my pots. I would love to break into the workshop avenue and begin teaching others the tricks and ideas that I am pursuing. My studio will be completely insulated tonite after my wife gets home and I will be back into create mode by tuesday. Talk more later


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  1. Shadow whats up buddy Your pots look suprtfantastic. I think I need to come up to your place and turn some pots with you. I would really like that!