Monday, November 16, 2009

We had a good show run so far. Just got back from the foothills craft guild show and it was really surprising. Ana and I stopped doing the show because my work quickly was changing and probably edging my way out from a certain clientel. We hadn't been back in a few years and the respionse was great. I think I might of sold a mug or two and a tumbler but the rest were all show pieces. Alot of my new more riskier work left the shelves and now are with good families. It's all timing. I didn't have the caliber of work that these people were looking for 3 years ago. I would get caught giggiling int the booth because of were I was and the events that led me up to right now. Alot of struggles and growth that was much needed. We got to show off Rocket to our friends who had'nt seen us in awhile. The foothills guild really helped us get back on our feet when we had our studio fire. It was good to give back in a small way and give support. Heres the booth getup.


  1. Many thanks for your positive thoughts regarding my surgery. It really does boost one's spirits to get so much good will via a computer terminal. I'm better every day and, having just read your profile, you will appreciate that I'm looking forward to my first beer in some time any day now!
    I'm not surprised that you had success at the show...your work and display looks great!
    I can't find your name on your blog...who the heck are you!?! Dan