Friday, December 18, 2009

Focused Ideas, hopeful opportunities

Pots are evolving, even though I don't get as much time in the studio like I was used to. Working at nite seems to be going well even though I like being up in the morning. My mind and motivation seem to work better in the day but it's more peaceful at nite. Having our son has taken alot of time away from making work for now but my ideas and progression have been more spontaneous and deliberate. I think that time working is more precious to me now than when I was in there everyday all day. I've been developing a new body of work that is really cool to me. Being simple with my work with simple gestures has been a way of working for awhile now. Only now do I feel like I'm making new discoveries in the clay. I'm definetely going for a more caveman look with a strong, permanent presence. I've thought that if Fred Flinstone was japanese and he threw pots they'd be something like this. Not going to do as many shows this year but I'm finally sending out my packets to potentially teach at craftcenters/colleges. That has been a process and really affirmed my hunger for wanting to get out there and share the ideas that i'm working on. I hope for the best. Don't think I'm going to do the Rosen show this year...Just can't afford it right now. Kinda of a bummer but other doors will open. Hoping for a strong start to the year , full of juicy pots and good health for my family and me.

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