Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back form christmas holidays, back into our home and daily life routine. Benjamin Rocket was a hit for his first christmas. Even grandma has a crush on him because he's so damn cute. We were to no one surprise able to give pots for presents this year. Sometimes the value of my work seems to diminish when i look at it all the time. But to the person recieving, it's like a treasure. I was thankful for being able to be with my family and friends another year and for the gift to create things with my hands. looking forward to the new year and what new opportunities arise. Just as a quick reminder for those reading, Our spring show season is not as packed full but we're hoping for a good one. Here it is: "creating soft pots" John C. Campbell folk school,March 28-Apr 3, (4 Bridges Art fair) April 17-18 2010 Chattanooga,Tn, (ONB Magic City Art Connection) Apr 23-25 Birmingham, AL, (TACA Spring fair) May 7,8,9 2010 Nashville, TN, (Columbus Arts Festival) June 4-6 Columbus,OH, in between shows I hope to be making more work, playing with my son and wife and bbquing somethin with my friends.

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