Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finished making some new jars. Spring schedule is lookin good. Hosting workshops and doing some good shows. I can see the new road revealing itself and I'm excited. I wasn't able to get off all my workshop packets at once because of cost but I'm filtering them out there and getting good responses. Once again here is the spring schedule: host workshop@John C Campbell folk school("creating soft pots")march 28-Apr3, 4 Bridges art fair(apr 17-18)chattanooga, TN, Magic City Art connection(apr23-25)Birmingham, AL, TACA spring fair first weekend in may,Nashville, TN, Host workshop@Arkansas Craft School(memorial day weekend), Columbus arts festival(june 4-6 columbus,OH), I hopefully will be giving another workshop at Coreclay in cinncinati,OH beginning of august, still waiting to hear back but will keep everyone updated. I think this will be all I can handle this spring. I will get my garden in and cultivating lots of yummy veggies. My son will be walking and soon I will be able to get some child labor out of him, he'll love it cause theres dirt involved. Hope everyone is stayin warm and pots aren't freezing. Take care,