Wednesday, January 13, 2010

refiners fire for the potter

I picked a 2 liter coke off the conveinient store shelf and one of them dropped on the floor and exploded. The whole day has gone like that. actually not just from 6pm till I made a cocktail to wind down for the day. What really set the evening off was my electric kiln was programmed to start a hold at 250 degrees and dry out my greenware before going into the bisque firing. Well it didnt and 2 hrs later I walk into the studio and i hear boom...pop and 600 degrees reading on the display screen. I opened the kiln to find the bottles and teacups that are pictured blown up. I have a trunk show at mudfire gallery in decatur georgia on the 23 of this month(jan 2010) and was hoping to add these pieces to my sale. I am pretty sure that I can throw the pieces again and green glaze them on time for the next weekend. It blew me up at the time but now that I've wound down I realize that I can make it happen and in the process learn a few things that might not have come up had this not happened. I have a couple months before show season and workshops start so I might as well Diagnosis the kiln and fix whatever might be wrong. I couldn't help put to preach a small line off my own artist statement to myself which says " I welcome mistakes and struggles, it brings triumph and character." Lookin at my little boy helped me realize also that Everythings fine and will be as long as I keep my head focused on what is important which is my family. So thats that...yesterdays gone and today is here. come check out the trunk show On Jan 23 2-6pm at mudfire gallery in Decatur Georgia. keep pottin and try not to sweat the small stuff.

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  1. There is a message in there somewhere..."Stay away from sodas..."