Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got back from a trunk show @mudfire gallery and clay center. Had a great time seeing my friends Erik and Luba, Bart Webb and Mark Knott came to see me as well as others who I have made friends with and help me along this road as an artist, ceramist, potter and person. Mudfire is a great place and very welcoming to the public as well as their guest artists. I wondered around looking at all the awsome pots from other artists that I'd looked up to or saw in magazines or books. I stay pretty out of the loop as far as keeping up with others and their art so it was pretty cool to see everyones work. I had some nice pieces go away to some good people and homes which was very good because i was able to pay a mortgage and a few other bills. I always have to smile and thank the good lord that for some reason I have been blessed to be able to work as an artist and pay for the things that my family needs. We don't have alot of extras(little to none) but we are happy and moving steps. Good friends have helped us and hard work that we welcome has got us through. Here are some of the pieces that went to good homes this weekend. I am working as I speak creating more pots for the spring and summer so I will definetley keep everyone posted. my first event will be teaching a week long workshop @ John C Campbell folk school March28-Apr3"Soft Pots" and then you can come and see me @ 4 Bridges art show in My home town Chattanooga TN, Apr17-18. This show falls on my birthhday weekend so don't be surprised if I rope you in for a beer and laugh. thers plenty more and I will post more closer to time.

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  1. Glad you had a good show! Sorry I missed the opening.... Is the show going to stay up for a while, in case I get to Atlanta sometime?