Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sittin around the house takin care of my sick little boy. He is experincing his first allergy bomb in his nine months on this earth. Although it does suck and even more for him, I think this is the very best for his little immune system. I think thats why my generation and all those after are always sick. We kept our kids in the ac instead of letting them play in ther dirt and get exposed to the first pollen of each year. This will be good for him in the long run. Even though hes got a runny nose and sneeze he still trucks around like nothing phases him. Rocket can crawl now and sees everything in a new light. Everyday he becomes more and more addictive. Hes really a trip to watch and hang out with. We love em like nothin else. 4 bridges art festival was a little slow on sat but sun turned out to be great. What a great show and great people. I had more friends at this show then I have ever been at. We have some really great artists here in chattanooga and a strong a talented clay movement here and ready to bust wide open. If you havent met Stephanie Stueffer or TJ than you really need to. They were the emerging artists at 4 bridges this year and their work is off the hook. Very cool couple. Now local potter Anderson Bailey who is in my old studio over at loose cannons. His work is incredible and soon to explode chattanooga. Over all the show was great. I was glad to be there representing Chattanooga and my work. I will be in Birmingham AL for the Magic City Art Connection April 23-25. I did finally get my tomatoes in the garden. Theres a nice cool shady place where Rocket chews on his toothbrush and shares with sandy the next door neighbors pug. They love each other and their hygiene.

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