Friday, April 9, 2010

Just got back from giving a workshop at John C Campbell Folkschool. What an awsome place. I got to be there when the new leaves were coming in and the days were'nt as hot as they are gonna be. It wasn't as busy as most months there which was really nice. Mike Lalone, the clay resident invited me up after we chatted while ana took photos of his pots. That was about a year and 1/2 ago. I've since gotten the workshop buzz and have booked with a handfull of craftschools. I still do about 10 shows a year and having the workshop supplement in between I can spend a little more time on our house and hopefully a good garden this year. I met some really great artists and craftsmen/women. The food was great. You get to really hear the quick and interesting stories of peoples lives while you eat. Everybody from everywhere. My students were on fire. They really jumped from where they were at with the clay to ideas that inspired me as well as making a frienship in a weeks time. I would like to give another workshop emphazing the wood kiln and more bold and sculptural pots. The cooking classes are where its at though and I will be taking a class soon enough. You could smell the barbeque wafting through the trees if you passed by. Made me crazy. I've been pushing my thrown and slab built pots as well as the slab handles. My pots primarily consist of slab handles except for my mugs which I prefer for know. My next event is the 4 Bridges art festival here in Chattanooga starting april 17 and 18. For upcoming workshops and shows check out my website Also had a great ester when I got back with my family and family of good friends. Cooked two hams, mamas homemade mustard mac n cheese, twice baked potatoes and alot of hungry friends. Good beer, good food, good friends,good lord.

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